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Does Your Home AC Need An Immediate Servicing?

AC repair

After slogging at work all day, all you want is to come back home, switch on the AC, take a shower, and relax. But that might not happen if your AC doesn’t play along. Although it is officially fall, chances are that your home AC is working round the clock to keep your home cool. Just as you need routine health checkups to enjoy the best of health, your cooling unit too needs a tune-up to keep operating efficiently. Here are a few warning signs to indicate that your AC needs immediate repair:


A modern AC should not be leaking moisture as it’s designed to maintain the humidity levels in your home. If this is the problem, call our AC repair experts to do the needful inspections. The issue may or may not be water after all. What you think is water leakage may be leaking AC refrigerant, which is toxic. You must fix any Freon leakage issue immediately to ensure your family’s wellness and safety.

Cooling and Reduced Airflow

If the airflow from the system vents is too low and there is a cooling issue, just pick up your phone to consult with one of Millain-Aire’s HVAC professionals. You may notice that some areas of your bedroom are cold while the rest is still warm. When that happens, it is a clear indication that your home AC is about to cause trouble. The compressor may not be working properly and may need an immediate servicing by an AC repair technician.

Strange Noise

Are you spending sleepless nights because of a grating, a squealing, or a grinding noise that your AC makes? These are the probable indications of a breakdown. Do not ignore if your cooling machine is producing weird sounds in the middle of the night.

It is essential to check your HVAC system and address the problems before they get out of control, leading to costly repairs. Millian-Aire is one of Florida’s top choices for AC repair and servicing. We promise you to keep your unit up and running and your rooms cool no matter how sweltering the heat is outside your home.