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How an AC Tune-Up Compares to AC Inspection?

AC Inspection

What do you do when you experience air conditioning troubles? Call a professional, of course! But how do you respond when asked if you require AC inspection or AC tune-up? A lot of HVAC companies club both the repairs under one convenient label – AC services. But the truth is, AC inspection is a very different beast from AC tune-up and fulfills different requirements. Plus, the cost of each service varies as well. So, you need to understand more about each term to explains your needs better to the contractor and save money. Find out more information below:

AC Tune-Up: What Does It Mean?

Just as you bring in your vehicle for frequent tune-ups, you must also call an AC expert for periodic tune-ups so that your machine runs at peak efficiency. What happens is that the professional inspects every aspect of the cooling system and performs several minor operations, including flushing the drain, replenishing the coolant level, cleaning or replacing the air filters, swapping out faulty or damaged electrical parts with new ones, and removing dirt and dust from the condenser coils. No matter how good the condition of your AC, a tune-up ensures that no issues crop up later. At the same time, the service is used to detect problems in the early stages, thereby preventing them from becoming a major concern down the line.

What Does An AC Inspection Entail?

If your cooling unit stops working correctly without warning, it’s time to carry out an AC inspection. Your unit might be non-functioning, or leaking, or producing lower quantities of cold air; calling for an inspection is the right way to diagnose the problem and arrive at a solution. Once you encounter a problem and contact an AC repair company, they will first send a technician to your home. This individual’s job is to find the source of the problem, rather than maintaining the present operating level of your AC as in the case of a tune-up. Once the cause of the AC malfunction is detected, AC service can help sort the issue and restore the functioning of your system to normal.

When you’re aware of the service you expect from the AC professional, it’s easier to call the company and keep your machine working for a longer period. Tune-ups, for example, are best scheduled at the start of each season, and with summer right around the corner, now would be the perfect time to request the service and avoid performance issues later on. To call for a tune-up or even an AC inspection, contact us here.