BlogMarch 29, 2018How Can You Determine If Your AC Requires Professional Care?

A home without a working AC is a recipe for disaster, especially during the summer. Not only does an air conditioner keep your dwelling cool and dry, but it makes you feel comfortable as well.  That’s why it is necessary to schedule timely check-ups for your machine. An AC expert helps ensure that your cooling system stays perfectly tuned and set to cool you down on warm, humid days. But how do you determine when your AC requires professional healing touch?

1. Weird Noises

Strange noises emanating from your AC? It often indicates that your unit is in need of immediate repairs. Old and malfunctioning systems make a lot of noise, but even new machines can produce banging or rattling sounds if some mechanical component comes loose. Whether your HVAC is old or new, you should get in touch with a professional immediately to avoid additional damage. In some cases, the prompt action may even help you prevent a fire. Most of the time, the solution is something as simple as lubricating or tightening a part. But, if left unaddressed, in a few instances, the unit is beyond repair, and you have no choice but to replace the whole thing.

2. Restricted Airflow

Poor airflow might be a culmination of various factors, such as leaky ducts, dirty air filters, or even improper AC installation. When this happens, not only does it take a longer time to cool your home but the efficiency of your system dips as well, leading to increased energy consumption.

3. Improper Cooling

A good way to tell if an AC needs repairs is to check whether the system cools all the rooms equally or not. When the unit runs correctly, every area of your home receives the same amount of cool air. But if some indoor spots seem comparatively colder than others, you might have to bring this issue to the attention of your AC repair personnel.

Most electrical appliances are prone to performance problems and require frequent tune-ups. ACs are no exception. You must schedule frequent appointments with a professional AC repair company if you want to avoid sudden breakdowns or drops in efficiency, especially during the hot, sweltering summer season. For quick, hassle-free AC inspections, click here.

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