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How Does The Lack Of Air Duct Insulation Affect Your Ac Performance?

How Does The Lack Of Air Duct Insulation Affect Your Ac Performance

Uneven cooling is one of the first indications that not all is well with your AC. Newer, high-efficiency units can be an instant solution to all your problems, but what if buying a new HVAC unit is out of your budget? Availing professionals assistance is one of the ways to reach the core of the problem and fix it. For example, condensation on air ducts is one of the most common issues that Floridians often face due to extremes heat and humidity throughout summer. Fortunately, condensation on the ductwork does not create any significant problem if addressed early on and can be fixed in no time with little efforts. There are mainly two reasons why condensation on the ductwork occurs – inadequate insulation and too much moisture in the air. While controlling the humidity is never in your hand, you can take care of the insulation part. Modern-day insulated flex ducting has got an in-built vapor barrier which prevents the formation of moisture. If you do not want to replace your ductwork right now, there are a few more alternative repair processes as well.

Add Insulation to Keep the R-Value Intact

Block the areas where it has started leaking, but do not wrap up the ductwork too tightly. If you do that, it reduces the R-value (the ability to insulate). Different methods can be leveraged to keep the R-value intact. The insulation that you should use must not leave any gap and should be at least two inches thick to ensure it works effectively and eliminates the condensation on the ductwork. The ductwork has multiple segments, and you must seal them by using the HVAC tape so that no air penetrates into it through the natural weak points.

Prevent the Moisture from Entering Your Ductwork

There will be moisture in the air —  you cannot help it.  However, you can prevent it from causing any damage. Mold formation is one of the most common outcomes of insufficient ventilation, and your attic is, to some extent, responsible for this insufficiency. Vapor barrier wraps are available at hardware stores. They help cover the area of ductwork through which moisture-laden air seeps in. If a specific section of the ductwork is laid underground, the chance of moisture absorption increases. You must try to suspend that particular portion of ductwork or add a unique layer of vapor barrier to it.

In the end, whatever be the reason for leaking ductwork, it proves to be dreadful for your comfort at home. From leaks to mold infestation, condensation can lead to all sorts of problems. Address them and remove the sweaty duct problem to enhance the comfort during the summer months. For professional assistance, contact us here.