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How Has Air Conditioning Changed The World?

Air Quality

There was a time when summers in the USA were abnormally hot. It was the late twenties or early thirties of the previous century when windows in every house were kept open to let the air circulate as the heat went unbearably at times. Even during nights, the heat wave kept continuing, making the situations uncomfortable for Americans. The linen suits wrinkled, and workplaces went abruptly humid making the employees sick. Even though the first electrical air conditioner was introduced in 1902, America had to wait for the World War II which gave them immense prosperity allowing the air conditioners to be widely affordable even in the residential areas.

Did It Find A Solution to the Humidity Problem?

Man has always had the affinity to have control over everything, and the invention of air conditioner allowed them to control the weather, though inside. However, it is true that air conditioner was not devised to bring in human comfort at all. The Sackett & Wilhelms Lithographing and Printing Company was suffering from the fluctuating levels of humidity which affected their printing services. To deal with this hindrance, they needed to devise a system that can control the humidity. Willis Carrier brought them relief, and the air conditioner could maintain the humidity at a constant 55%.

How Widely Did the Air Conditioners Benefit the Community?

As air conditioners got popular, the entire industrial belt was keener towards making the temperature within offices more tolerable for workers. Even though this was considered to be an incidental benefit, Carrier didn’t forget to explore the rest of the comfort applications even in public spaces. The Madison Square Theater in New York generally used four tons of ice and an eight-foot fan blower with a duct to spread a cooling air to the audience. But that moistened the screen and had some unpleasant odors as well. This is precisely how air conditioners started penetrating the different spheres of everyday life.

How Did Air Conditioning Technology Bring In A Widespread Transformation?

Rather than a matter of mere convenience, air conditioners have slowly brought in a wave of transformation. As the use of computers started growing, servers released more amount of heat making the computers hot and damp. Rather than struggling with the air quality, companies preferred the usage of AC. Also, the entire architectural structure went on an upheaval. Conservatively, it was thick walls, high ceilings, long stretch of balconies and windows facing away from the sun were the architectural measures of keeping homes cool. Air conditioning has completely changed the demographics, and without them, it was not even possible to imagine cities like Singapore and Dubai which are filled with trotting cityscapes.

Emerging economies have started growing more dependent on AC, and with every passing day, their dependence is expected to increase. A fresh, comfortable living or working space is what everyone demands now. For any maintenance, service or repair on your AC unit, never forget to Contact Us anytime.