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How To Clean AC Condenser Unit

AC Condenser

The condenser is one of the three most important parts of your central AC system.  This component is designed to remove heat from your AC unit. As it releases the heat, it turns hot, vaporized refrigerant into the liquid. Being located outside your home, the condenser is a magnet for dust and dirt, which collect on the compressor, fins, and fan. As a result, the unit cannot release the heat and must run longer to cool your home. So, your electricity bills increase as do the chances of overheating. So, if you don’t want your cooling system to break down on the warmest day of the year, the condenser unit has to be cleaned carefully. Find out how here:

1. Cut the Power to the Condenser

Look for a metal box close to the condenser unit. This is the electrical disconnect, and upon opening it, you should cut power to the outdoor AC unit by flipping the switch. You must fulfill this step to ensure your safety during the cleaning process.

2. Clear the Condenser

All you need is a water hose to spray the outdoor unit and knock loose any debris, such as leaves, grass, and so on.

3. Apply Coil Cleaner

You should spray the condenser with coil cleaner. Apply the substance properly and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes so that the cleaner gets sufficient time to foam and bond with the dirt accumulated on the coils.

4. Complete the Task

You need to rinse the coil cleaner off using the hose after a while. Repeat the process annually, preferably during spring when the temperature is at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the minimum temperature at which you’re able to test the AC system to make sure everything’s working as it should. Once you put the AC unit back together, turn the power back on.

A clean outdoor unit helps increase your AC system’s efficiency.  If the condenser remains dirty, you will have to shell out more money on electricity bills. Plus an unclean condenser unit  increases the chances of a machine breakdown. If you require assistance with the cleaning process, get in touch with us here.