BlogNovember 15, 2018How To Minimize Your AC Unit’s Exposure To The Risks Of Lightning?

Did you know that US states like Florida receive more than 3,500 clouds to ground lightning flashes in a day and almost 1.2 million flashes throughout the year (Source: Aside from the physical damages caused by the strikes, they are also the leading cause of external power surges in homes around the state. This sort of power surge creates a lot of harm to AC units, and homeowners in the Sunshine State have no choice but to call for AC repairs frequently. So, the logical thing to do is to strengthen your cooling system’s defense against lightning strikes. And that involves installing surge protector systems in your house. Find out what their benefits are below:

Install Surge Protectors in Your Home   

Invest in high-quality surge protectors for the whole household. The surge protectors stay wired to the electrical service box instead of a plug-by-plug system. Sure you will need to spend some money on these components, but you can rest easy knowing your AC and other appliances are safe. Given their dependence on air conditioning, people in Florida and other warm places will find surge protectors immensely beneficial when it comes to keeping their units safe. Surge protectors are easily available in the market and they hardly cost a few hundred dollars, making them a true bargain when you consider just how effectively they prevent your home from sustaining thousands of dollars’ worth of damages.

A bolt of lightning is capable of causing irreparable damage the internal components of your AC system, or lead to expensive and often lasting problems. Keep your investment safe and secure by adopting the best practices during lightning storms. But if your equipment gives you any trouble despite your best efforts, get in touch with a good AC repair company immediately by clicking here.

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