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HVAC for a new in-law suite

In-law suite HVAC

Adding new living space in or adjacent to your home? Do you have a living space in your home with no heating or cooling?

An in-law suite is simply a smaller residence, usually in or near the main house. These suites are often converted garages, basements or attics.

For new construction, it is important to plan in advance. Can the new space be connected to the existing HVAC system? Can the current system handle the increased load? If a separate system is going to be required, should it be ducted or ductless.

The same questions will apply to connecting an already converted space to the main home’s system.

Call the experts at Millian-Aire to determine the best option for adding heating and cooling to your in-law suite. If a ductless system is the best option, we install Trane’s high efficiency mini split systems for single and multi-room configurations.