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HVAC Maintenance | Spring Hill

Needing HVAC maintenance can be a very annoying problem, especially if you live in Spring Hill, Florida where in November it can still be 85 degrees outside. Sitting in a hot house or business is the last thing that anyone wants to do, so keeping your unit in tip top shape is of utmost importance.

Signs You Need HVAC Maintenance

When the HVAC in your Spring Hill home or company starts to go out, there are several signs that can help you know it’s time for some maintenance:

  • You discover an increase in your electric bills. When electricity bills go up, it’s possible that your unit is no longer working properly and therefore running longer, using more energy than normal.
  • Your unit is emitting strange noises or smells. Noises and smells could mean many things such as a worn down part, or even a dead animal in your ductwork.
  • You find that there is inconsistent heating or cooling through the building. Your unit should heat and cool every room evenly. If you are finding that one room is a sauna, while another is an icebox, you may need to have some work done.
  • Your thermostat doesn’t seem to be controlling the temperature in the building. This could indicate anything from an electrical issue between your thermostat and your unit, a problem with the thermostat, or even that the actual unit itself needs repairs.

How Can You Benefit From Routine Maintenance?

Once you have fixed your HVAC maintenance issues, you will experience the many benefits of a well-maintained unit in your Spring Hill home or business:

  • Duct cleaning and regular air filter changes can improve the quality and circulation of the air in your home.
  • When your unit is running at maximum efficiency, the utility bills in your home or business will decrease.
  • Reduce the need for costly repairs – A well-oiled machine is a long-running machine. With the right maintenance, your HVAC system will break down less often, and you can save money on expensive fixes.

What to Expect from a Checkup

Our trained technicians will provide excellent HVAC maintenance in your Spring Hill business or home. Here are a few things that you can expect from a checkup with Millian-Aire:

  • Our technicians will look for areas that are wearing down and may need repair.
  • Our technicians will also check and inspect your condensate drain.
  • Lubricating the moving parts will ensure that everything in your system is running correctly.
  • Multi-point inspection to verify there are no loose parts.
  • Lastly, we will check that the different system controls are all responding properly.
  • Replace air filters.

If it’s necessary, we also offer duct cleaning

The Millian-Aire Guarantee

At Millian-Aire, we are committed to quality and our customers’ satisfaction. We offer some great services that you need to be sure to check out!

  • Emergency repair 24/7- Don’t worry about that weekend breakdown, we will be there to fix your problem!
  • Pricing and payment plan options that are affordable- We also have many different financing options available with approved credit.
  • Free estimates on new systems in Spring Hill
  • Combined experience of over 75 years

Who wants to be a Millian-Aire?

At Millian-Aire, we offer a great program for our customers called the Millian-Aire Club. Our Millian-Aire Club members receive:

  • 2 32 point maintenance checks per year
  • 1 year warranty for all parts and for labor
  • 24/7 services with no overtime fees
  • Flat rate pricing- For those emergencies that happen late at night or on the weekends
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Do you live in Spring Hill and are in need of HVAC maintenance? Millian-Aire is the air conditioning and heating company for you! Contact us today for at (888)-628-0691. We look forward to hearing from you!