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Most Important AC Services for Your Palm Harbor Home

Being in a state that can heat up on any given day, having year-round professional air conditioning services in Palm Harbor is important. Perhaps the worst thing that can happen in Florida is your AC stops working properly. Central air systems can be complicated, and there are quite a few things that could go wrong. Here are the most important areas of AC services and why a professional should check them:

Checking the Thermostat

Typically you’ll notice when and if your thermostat has a problem. It may seem like the calibration is off, like if you set it to seventy-two but it feels like seventy-eight. It could be a number of things, but the thermostat tells the system when to start and when to stop, so it’s important to know that it’s working properly.

Cleaning Out the Evaporator

Cleaning the evaporator yearly is a crucial part of air conditioning services in Palm Harbor. This part of the unit absorbs and removes heat from your building/home. Condensation can build up and cause major problems if left unchecked, especially in our Florida weather. The coils must also be checked for cleanliness and status, as these can become flooded or starved. Filters should be changed or cleaned for maximum efficiency and to reduce air contamination.

Condenser Inspection

The condenser will be outside, exposed to elements. Insects, dirt and grass can get wedged into the fan and vent openings, and too much vegetation around the unit can also obstruct airflow. Our air conditioning services will make sure your condenser is clear. This includes making sure the fan is working properly, as they sometimes need to be lubricated for the best performance.

Checking the System on Startup

Like any machine, you never know how it’s working until you try to start it up. Our AC services in Palm Harbor will be able to tell if the unit is working properly on startup depending on how quickly it starts, the temperature of the air distributed, what it sounds like, and how quick it is to reach its specified temperature.

Whether you’re having your central air conditioning checked for routine maintenance, or there is a specific problem, these are the areas that are checked and should be inspected by professionals. We will know what the problem is and solve it quickly and make sure your unit is running smoothly. Stay cool and give us a call at 888-628-0691 for service, questions, or more information on air conditioning services in Palm Harbor.