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How Important Is Heating For Your Home?


Looking for an efficient way heat your Florida? Installing a heat pump could be your answer.

A heat pump heats your home by using the heat-exchange properties of refrigerant to extract heat from outside your home and bring it inside. Of more interest to Floridians, it cools your home by removing heat from inside your home to depositing it outside. The subtraction of indoor heat creates cooling.

Ours is the hottest state year-round with an average temperature of 67.6 F. Experts say that the ideal indoor temperature during winters shouldn’t be lower than 64°F and might even go up to 70°F for homes with young and elderly individuals. However, there are parts of Florida where temperatures drop to as low as 45°F during the peak winter (January). As a result, people have no choice but to resort to heating solutions like heat pumps for keeping their homes warm and comfortable. But did you know that there are other benefits of installing a heating system in your house? Here are three really good benefits:


A heat pump is a great option if you feel too cold indoors. Heat pumps work by using the outside heat and depositing it within your room. Many people might be skeptical regarding the efficiency of a heat pump in winters when the outdoor temperature drops low. After all, where would it find heat? But even though you may not feel it, heat is present in the environment, and the machine collects this heat and sends it your way. In summers, however, the process works in reverse – the heat pump deposits the indoor heat on the outside to make you feel cool. Thus, heat pumps are extremely versatile pieces of equipment, and Florida homeowners will not regret this investment.

Health Benefits

Restful Sleep

You need a good night’s rest to stay healthy and fit. But if your bedroom is colder than your body’s set temperature, you feel uncomfortable, and your sleep gets disrupted constantly. Installing a heat pump, however, takes care of the problem.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Cold temperatures often affect your blood pressure and heart rate. Your arteries constrict, causing the heart rate and blood pressure to increase. This is detrimental to people suffering from heart ailments. The best solution is to install a heat pump to moderate the temperature.

Always try to keep the temperature in your home set at the right range and ensure that you don’t feel under-heated from insufficient insulation and heating systems. To feel comfortable throughout the year, install a heat pump.

If you want to know more about heat pump pros and cons, contact the trained technicians at Millian-Aire today.