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Indoor Air Quality in Dunedin

Since 1897 Millian-Aire has been providing HVAC services, and now we have expanded to include indoor air quality products and services to Dunedin. Usually, when people worry about airborne pollutants, they think of the outside air, from sources such as exhaust fumes from cars. But in reality, the air inside our homes can be up to three times more polluted!

At Millian-Aire, we will inspect your house for anything that may be releasing these chemicals or allergens, remove them, and show you how to keep your family breathing easy.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Improving the indoor air quality of your Dunedin home is a significant concern since we spend 90% of our time each day indoors. Family time at home together should be enjoyable; you shouldn’t have to worry about what pollutants you all might be breathing. Some of the things in your home that may be contributing to airborne toxins include:

  • Chemicals- Synthetic materials such as carpet, wall paints, and chemical cleaning agents all release fumes into your home.
  • Poor ventilation and filtering- Homes these days are built much more airtight in an effort to keep in the air conditioned or heated air. Unfortunately, this also traps all of the fumes and allergens in your home’s air as well. Many ventilation systems are designed to keep recirculating the same air, instead of bringing in new, cleaner air from the outside. And when coupled with a poor or nonexistent filtration system, this can worsen the indoor air quality of your residence.
  • Cigarette smoke- Tobacco smoke contains hundreds of airborne pollutants at very high concentrations. Paired with poor ventilation, these toxins will constantly be cycled through your entire home. If you or someone in your home smokes, consider asking them to move outside for smoke breaks.
  • Mold- Perhaps one of the most difficult sources to prevent, mold can cause a myriad of health problems. Making sure that all leaks are repaired quickly, and that moisture is not trapped anywhere will reduce the mold spores.

These are just a few of the sources of airborne toxins in your home. At Millian-Aire of Dunedin, we can help you locate these sources, and either completely remove, or drastically lower their emissions.

How to Fight the Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Constantly breathing in airborne contaminants can pose serious health concerns, and especially for young children or the elderly who have weakened immune systems. Some of the potential negative effects include allergic reactions, trouble breathing, asthma, pneumonia, nausea, and ear/nose/throat problems.

At Millian-Aire, we know believe in living a healthier life, which is why we want to keep your Dunedin home’s indoor air quality as clean as possible. Here are some easy tips on how:

  1. Lower your use of harsh chemical cleaners. If you must use them, keep the windows open, and if possible, move outdoors. Switching to safer, homemade cleaning products for your Dunedin home, or keeping your windows open after painting, can also significantly reduce the amount of pollutants and improve your indoor air quality.
  2. Buy machine washable bedding and pillow covers. Wash them once a week to reduce dust mites and other allergens.
  3. Control moisture. Use a dehumidifier if necessary to control humidity levels. You can also run the bathroom fan during and after showering to remove the excess steam.
  4. Install quality air filtration systems. In addition, remember to change your filters regularly.

Let Millian-Aire of Dunedin Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Airborne pollutants come in many different forms, which is why battling them yourself can be difficult. At Millian-Aire, we use specific products depending on if the source is a gas, microbe, or particulate; our method works in three phases:

  • Source control. First, we will remove the source of the toxins; if unable to remove them completely, we will do our best to drastically lessen their effects.
  • Ventilation. Next, we will improve ventilation in an attempt to bring the fresh outdoor air inside.
  • Air cleaning. Lastly, we can install state of the art air filtration systems, with the goal of controlling the amount of toxins that are present in the future.

When we perform these three phases together, you can be sure that you and your family will be breathing the cleanest, freshest air possible! We are a family owned and operated business that truly cares about our community. For more information, or to schedule your indoor air quality tests and cleaning in Dunedin, call Millian-Aire today at 888-628-0691!