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Indoor Air Quality in Oldsmar

If you live in Oldsmar, it is important you stay proactive about the indoor air quality of your home. The hot temperatures and humidity make a high concentration of certain pollutants very likely. This exposes you and your loved ones to allergies and puts you in danger of a wide array of. The quality of the air you breathe is not something to be taken lightly or ignored. If you fear your AC unit is circulating debris and toxins throughout your house or building, don’t hesitate to call in a professional. Millian-Aire has knowledgeable and specially trained employees who will be there to help fix any problem you might be facing.

Oldsmar Air Pollution Sources

It is important you stay aware of the different threats to your indoor air quality in and around your Oldsmar home. There are many different places bad air can originate from, including:

  • Sources of combustion such as natural gas, wood or oil
  • Household products and aerosols such as hairspray or air fresheners
  • Improper ventilation by the AC unit
  • Debris and toxins such as pollen, insects or radon outside your home

At Millian-Aire, we can help pinpoint exactly what is causing your home to become filled with dirty air. From source control to air cleaning, we will be able to perform whatever your home requires.

Filter Installation for Pristine Air Quality

One common problem that causes bad indoor air quality is a broken or poorly made air filter. If you are an Oldsmar homeowner, you want to be sure you have an advanced, working filter to protect you from the particles found in Florida air. At Millian-Aire, we can supply you with top quality filter installation and programs. Our technicians are able to walk you through the three key phases of improving your AC unit, which are:

  • Source control, in which we will remove or reduce the impact of the actual source of the pollution
  • Ventilation, where the quality of the air you breathe is improved by periodically introducing fresh air into the AC unit
  • Air cleaning, which controls how many particles are present in the air

Our filtration systems are able to help clear out bacteria and other toxins that may be getting your loved ones sick. If you, your roommates or your family keep catching colds for some unexplainable reason, your home may have bad indoor air quality. In a place with a warm climate such as Oldsmar, frequent AC use allows bacteria and pathogens to build up in the unit, and then get released into the air. This can cause all kinds of health issues, from red itchy eyes and a stuffy nose to something serious like asthma attacks. At Millian-Aire, we can filter out these particles so you don’t have to constantly deal with illness anymore.

An Indoor Air Quality Company You Can Trust

Millian-Aire Enterprise Corp. has been in the AC business in the Oldsmar area since 1957. We are completely dedicated to making sure our customers are satisfied. Our technicians are specially trained and held to a high standard of courtesy. When you call Millian-Aire, you can rest assured your home will be treated with respect and care. We understand AC and indoor air quality emergencies happen at any time without notice, so we operate on a schedule that is convenient for you. We will work with you to keep your home cool while making your budget and schedule a priority. Call us at 888-628-0691 and let us bring your home back to its clean, healthy state!