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Leverage utility rebates to save money and improve in-home comfort


Home upgrades for energy efficiency are a great way to save money and improve day-to-day comfort. However, they can be expensive and not every upgrade may be correct for your home.

Many local electrical, gas and water utilities offer home energy audit inspections that can identify a range of solutions to improve efficiency and comfort. In addition to the project suggestions, they may also offer discounts, rebates, or financing options to assist with implementing the upgrades.

Common areas for energy efficiency upgrades include:

  • HVAC duct testing and repair to eliminate leaks
  • Attic insulation upgrades
  • Installation of energy efficient windows and doors
  • Conversion to LED lighting
  • Installing energy efficient water heaters, perhaps changing between gas and electric depending on local rates
  • Replacing clothes washers with low water use models
  • Purchasing energy efficient clothes dryers
  • Replacing kitchen appliances with new energy efficient models
  • HVAC system replacement with a high-efficiency system

A call to your local energy utilities can start the process to determine which programs are offered by the utility and possibly local or state agencies. You can also contact your tax preparation professional to see if any of the proposed upgrades qualify for federal tax credits.

These discounts, rebates or tax credits may make the difference in deciding to implement energy efficient upgrades to your home.

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