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Lightning and HVAC Systems


You live in the lightning capital of the USA. Florida has the most lightning strikes of any state in the union.

A direct hit to your home is likely to cause damage to many electrical systems in your home, including your HVAC system.

However, it does not require a direct hit for your HVAC system to be vulnerable to damage.

A nearby strike can cause power surges that can damage HVAC capacitors, wiring, and compressors, leading to costly repairs or replacement.

You can reduce the chance of damage by turning your HVAC system off when an electrical storm is nearby.

Another safeguard to consider is a whole-home surge protection system installed adjacent to your electric meter. While nothing can be 100% effective against all lightning strikes, such a surge protector can prevent or reduce damage caused to your home electrical systems and appliances.

Consult a licensed electrician for options to protect your home. Contact Millian-Aire if it is too late for the surge protection system.