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Do You Need Emergency AC Services? New Port Richey

An AC emergency can happen at any time. That’s why at Millian-Aire, we’ve got trained technicians available for around the clock service, 365 days a year! Before you start to panic over the rapidly warming air, there are several steps you can take to evaluate, and potentially resolve, the problem. If the issue persists and you can’t take the heat, we’re always here to help if you’re in need of emergency AC services in New Port Richey.

Air Conditioner Stopped Working?

The most obvious reason for needing emergency AC service is the air conditioner stopped working. This can be especially irritating if it happens during the warmer months. A break down can happen for any number of reasons. Some of the most common issues are:

  • Frozen Evaporator Coil
  • Worn Out Fan Belt
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Clogged Condensate Drain
  • Refrigerant Leak

Before calling Millian-Aire…

  • Make sure the unit is turned on. While this may seem silly, we have gone out to many homes, only to discover the system wasn’t on! Save yourself the trouble and embarrassment and double check, just to be safe. You’ll thank yourself in the long run!
  • Inspect your unit. Is the system not turning on? Or is it blowing hot air? Determining all the symptoms before you call us provides us with the essential information we can relay to our technicians. They can then use that to better diagnose the problem.
  • Check the circuit breaker. Are other appliances also not working? If so, then the problem may be with the circuit, not your air conditioner. If you reset your breaker and the problem still persists, you may be in need of emergency AC services in New Port Richey.
  • Clean the filter. Strange noises and smells is a sign that your system’s filter is clogged. A dirty filter can make your air conditioner run slower and produce warm air. Replacing or cleaning a dirty filter will most likely solve the problem.

The best way to prevent emergency AC services in New Port Richey is to have your HVAC system inspected regularly. Our maintenance plans can help save you the time, money, and frustration a break down can bring. Give us a call today 888-628-0691.