BlogHVAC TipsNovember 5, 2021Should I Buy an Extended Warranty on My HVAC?

Are HVAC Extended Warranties worth it? In almost all cases — yes.

In fact, an extended warranty for an HVAC unit may be one of the best warranty purchases one can make. This is especially true when compared to warranties for products with higher relative purchase prices and less likeliness to be used, says Alan Wilson, Millian Aire’s Vice President of Technology and Training.

The reason an extended warranty is so valuable is because of the increased level of wear and tear HVAC systems tend to experience, especially in a hot part of the country like Florida. The way an HVAC system operates — with a spinning blade, blower, and other moving parts — is a very physical process involving friction and the excessive “wear and tear” of parts.

In addition, HVAC units tend to be used almost continually in many scenarios. For instance, on a typical spring or summer day in Florida, an HVAC unit may run upwards of 16-17 hours. Compare that level of use to an automobile, says Wilson — a car might be driven for two hours or less during an average workday.

“An HVAC unit is a mechanical system, and there are going to be wear and tear issues,” Wilson explains. “That’s normal. The unit will need periodic repairs, not because it’s not made well or not operating properly, but because of the mechanical parts involved.”

When Not to Get A Warranty

The only reason not to get an extended warranty for an HVAC unit is if you plan to move in the next year or two, he adds. But even if you are moving and want to purchase one, it is refundable — you can end the warranty and receive a prorated refund of the original cost.

The HVAC warranty offered by Millian Aire covers everything within the outdoor and indoor units, including all parts and labor for 10 years. Customers have five years from the day a unit was installed to purchase our warranty — a policy that applies even if another firm installed the unit.

The warranty’s coverage begins from the date of installation, not the date of warranty purchase. But since most HVAC units’ lifespan is 11 years or less, there’s a good chance repairs will be needed during the time of the warranty, says Wilson.

Repairs Covered Under the Warranty

For customers covered by a warranty, there is peace of mind knowing Millian Aire service technicians will be on hand for the warranty’s duration to provide service on components known to decline in efficiency over time. One example, says Wilson, is the evaporator coils inside units that can leak refrigerant. This creates inefficiencies and waste within the system. With the extended warranty, a technician takes care of those problems at no charge.

The motors in HVAC units are another example. Their efficiency declines as natural oxidation occurs, requiring more electricity to make the motor spin. With a warranty in hand, replacement of those parts is covered, and the system can be returned to maximum cooling or heating to maintain comfort in your home.

Warranty Cost

To obtain a quote on a warranty, reach out to Millian Aire’s customer service staff at (888) 628-0691.

“This is the best money you can ever spend on your AC unit,” Wilson explains. “I have a warranty on my own unit, and advised my parents to get one also. I recommend the same to our customers.”

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