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Should You Run Your HVAC Unit Round The Clock?

Should You Run Your HVAC Unit Round The Clock?

Air conditioners in the 21st century have become an inseparable part of everyday life. Apart from ensuring household comfort,  air conditioning plays a crucial role in maintaining the proper temperature in commercial establishments like laboratories and data centers.  We cannot bear the heat when air conditioners are off, and hence, considering the comfort in mind, we tend to keep the air conditioners running 24 hours a day. While you stay at home, it makes sense to keep your air conditioners on for long hours. But when you are not at home, keeping the AC on is an irresponsible attitude and it leaves an adverse effect on its performance.

What Are the Negative Impacts Of Running Air Conditioners 24/7 ?

  • Your Utility Bill Will Cross All Limits

The first and direct effect that you can realize is personal and materialistic. As the energy consumption reports say that the indoor heating and cooling units consume 40 percent of a household’s energy, you can quickly realize the steep rise in the utility bills during the summer months. Studies also reveal that if you keep your air conditioner running for 24 hours, the energy consumption increases by two to three times than necessary. No matter how energy efficient your AC unit is, the increase in utility bills can be directly noticed.

  • You Put the Environment at Stake

Your indiscreet use of AC will affect the environment. Although our personal well being is often tied to the environment, most of us tend to overlook this aspect. Of the entire greenhouse gas emission, 39 percent is emitted by the household air conditioners. Even though the air conditioners are now getting environment-friendly, the greenhouse gas emission cannot be reduced to zero percent. It is true that the rate of emission has decreased, but when you keep the air conditioners on for the entire day, it sums up to a considerable amount. You might be cooling down your indoors, but in this process, you are warming the external environment.

  • The Average Life Span of Your HVAC Unit Reduces

If you are forced to work for an entire day at a stretch, will your endurance level grow or fall? The same is true of the longevity of the appliances. The longer you keep your air conditioner running, the dirtier the air filters get. Since replacing the air filters isn’t a costly endeavor, change it at prescribed intervals. The real trouble starts when the condenser coil hardens due to accumulated dirt. Apart from it, there can be several significant damages which may cost you a big amount.

After going through these points mentioned above, now you have a fair idea about the damaging consequences of running the air conditioners for 24 hours. Improper air circulation at times compels you to keep your AC on. If you have no choice other than keeping your AC on for the entire day, turn on the thermostat before leaving the house. A little effort from your end can help your HVAC unit work better, and you can prevent causing extensive harm to the Mother Nature. Think of your comfort, but do not be the reason for other’s discomfort. If you want to know more about how you can use your AC more effectively, get in touch with us here.