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Signs Your AC Needs A Coolant Recharge

AC coolant levels

Like any other home appliance, your AC is not meant to last forever. But regular care and maintenance ensure that your system lasts a good 10 to 20 years, which isn’t anything to scoff about. If your AC is less than a decade old, however, and isn’t cooling your room as well as it should, the fault could very well be due to depleted refrigerant levels. Unfortunately, this isn’t a normal problem. Air conditioning units should never require a coolant recharge. And if it does, it could be due to one of three things – there’s a leak in your system, the installation of the unit wasn’t handled correctly, or someone is stealing coolant. But how do you determine low coolant levels? Find out more details below:

1. Your Home Does Not Cool Quickly

Of course, the temperature in your home won’t drop immediately after turning on your AC; you need to give it some time. But if your air conditioner is taking way longer than usual to make the living space cooler and more comfortable, low refrigerant could be a factor. The job of a refrigerant is to absorb any heat present in the air. So, if enough of it isn’t available, the unit cannot absorb sufficient heat from the air to keep it cool. Basically, the coolant acts akin to a heat sponge; as the quantity begins to deplete, its absorption power drops as well.

2. Frozen Coolant Supply Lines

The evaporator coils present in your machine are responsible for supplying coolant to the requisite parts and keeping your home cool. If the refrigerant level drops way below normal, chances are the temperature of the evaporator coils will fall as well. As a result, ice build-up occurs on the coil as well as the adjoining parts of the AC. So, if you see water dripping from your unit and open it up to find the supply lines within frozen over, blame it on low coolant.

3. Weird Noises From the AC

Do you hear a bubbling or hissing sound emanating from your AC unit? Often, when a leak forms in your system, the coolant escaping from the air conditioner makes a bubbling or hissing sound, which is audible if you hear close enough. You need to call a professional and get the leak plugged as soon as possible, because otherwise, even if the coolant level is recharged, the substance will escape into the air once more.

Low coolant levels cause AC systems to malfunction. This is extremely inconvenient, especially during the summer months. But before you ask the professional to recharge the coolant level, ask them to inspect the machine first since overcharging an AC can lead to permanent damage. To hire an experienced AC expert, feel free to get in touch here.