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How Your Tampa AC Company Can Help Your Health

When looking for a Tampa AC company to hire, common questions are in regards to the cost or whether 24/7 service is available. A major question they forget however, is how the company can keep their family healthy. Recently, the EPA has identified indoor air pollution as one of the most serious environmental risks to your health. While poor indoor air quality can be dangerous, it is also very easy to improve.

How To Keep The Air In Your Home Clean

Your Tampa AC Company will be able to give you tips on how to have cleaner and healthier air, including:

  1. Changing filters regularly: The air in our home is full of harmful debris composed of dust mites, mold, pollen, and dander; and when the filters on your AC have not been changed or cleaned recently, you may experience negative health reactions, and increased allergy symptoms. A clean filter will catch the small airborne toxins before your family breathes them.
  2. Reducing pollutants: There are many everyday products that can cause poor indoor air quality such as cleaning products, pesticides, chemical vapors released by synthetic materials, and tobacco smoke. Your Tampa AC company will be able to identify what products might be harming your family, and suggest better ones to use instead. The simple act of going outside to smoke can improve your air quality tremendously.

Improving your indoor air quality alone is difficult, but getting help isn’t. Hiring a Tampa AC company to take care of all maintenance is the best way to ensure a well running AC unit and cleaner air in your home.


At Millian-Aire, we offer regular maintenance plans, as well as indoor air quality tests. Most homes these days are built tight to keep nature out. Unfortunately, this also means modern houses have poor ventilation which keeps airborne toxins in.

When you hire Millian-Aire as your Tampa AC Company, we will find the source of the pollution, remove it, and ensure your home ventilation is properly filtered. By keeping filters clean and reducing pollutants, we can keep the air in your home both clean and breathable.

To find out more information on our maintenance plans or air quality tests, call us today at 888-628-0691!