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Three Questions to Ask Before Opting For Two-Stage Air Conditioners

Two-Stage Air Conditioners

It is a fundamental right of the consumers to do some research work before buying any product for their home. And when you’re buying something that has technology integrated, you should read a lot about it to have a clear understanding. And while doing some research work, you must have come across a few technical terms which are not clear apparently. When you are buying an AC that has a high-efficiency rating, you must have read the term ‘two-stage.’ You must have wondered why this is so important, and how precisely the two-stage works for AC.

One prevailing thought that must come to your mind is, if there is a term ‘two-stage’ for the AC, there must be a ‘single-stage’ as well. Yes, the two-stage AC is much different from the conventional single-stage AC, and you should know the difference. Here are answers to the few obvious questions that keep running in your mind.

What Is The Difference Between Single-Stage And Two-Stage Air Conditioners?

Both the terms, single-stage and two-stage refer to the compressor speed. Hence, you can understand the difference is quintessentially based on the speed of the compressors running in your AC units.

  • The compressor of a single-stage air conditioner works at only one level of operation keeping the entire room cool at an optimum level.
  • On the contrary, the two-stage air conditioners work at two different levels. It operates at high speed during the hot summer days, and low when it’s comparatively cooler.

There are automatic settings in the two-stage air conditioners – it works on a lower setting by default until and unless the temperature outside is too hot to keep up with the comfort.

How Will You Be Advantageous In Getting The Two-Stage Air Conditioners?

Higher energy efficiency and better comfort are the two obvious reasons of getting two-stage air conditioners. Since the single-stage air conditioners get to turn on and off more frequently, it takes up more energy every time it is switched on. But, the two-stage air conditioners have the capability of meeting almost 80 percent of the required cooling at a low setting. And since the two-stage AC run more often at an even speed, the humidity is removed more often from the air.

Which One Should You Get?

Two significant factors depending upon which this question is to be answered are –

  • If you are living in an area with high humidity, two-stage conditioners are necessary.
  • The two-stage AC is undoubtedly costly. Make sure you can afford it before buying one for your home.

While comfort is the primary reason for getting the two-stage air conditioners, you get a quiet and smooth running unit as a bonus. So if you want to have a peaceful sleep maintaining a serene environment within, make sure to contact our technicians. They will guide you through the process of getting the two-stage air conditioners smoothly.