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Time to Crank up the Heat in West Central Florida!

Want to know why it’s so stinky when you do?…


Well it’s near the end of Fall and today may (finally) be the first time you’ve turned on your heat since last years not so blustery winter in Florida. And today will be the day the Millian-Aire gets multiple calls from our customers about that yucky burning smell right after the heat kicks on. It’s likely not a cause for concern and as much as we love talking to all of you, read on if you want to know what causes this unwanted smell.

After sitting idle during our long stretches of warm weather, some elements of your heating system may have accumulated a layer of dust. When you turn on your heat for the first time during the fall/winter season, that dust will burn off and emit an odor that circulates through your ductwork and into your home. The air ducts themselves may also have some dirt and dust that has settled in them if your system has been unused for any stretch of time. These are the most likely causes of the burning smell in your home at the beginning of the chilly season.

Even after you’ve been using your system frequently, you may notice this burning odor if temperatures are especially low or if you’ve adjusted your thermostat more than a few degrees to raise the temperature. This happens when the heat strips in your air handler come on to supplement your system’s attempt to increase the heat. Many heat pump systems include this heat strip-air handler combination. If you have a system with heat strips but they haven’t been activated for many months, they may also have built up some dust particles that will burn off when the strips come on for the first time.

If you continue to notice a burning smell after the initial burn off of dust, the culprit may also be faulty heater components. Another cause may be debris or objects that have somehow come into contact with the parts of your system that produce your heat. One more serious problem is electrical shorts in your heat pump, which have the potential to melt wires or insulators.

A good way to ensure your system stays problem-free is regularly scheduled preventive maintenance. In addition to checking to see that your system is operating safely, an annual checkup will keep your heating and cooling equipment in top condition.

If you are concerned about odors in your heating and cooling system or would like to schedule your preventative maintenance, give us a call today! 727-862-2100