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Tips To Prevent Rust Damage In Ac Heat Exchangers

Prevent Rust Damage In Ac Heat Exchangers

Ways that can keep your AC unit rust-free

Florida is a veritable haven for individuals who hate cold weather. The climate is perennially warm and sunny with cool ocean breezes – just some of the perks of residing near the Gulf. But on the flip side, these conditions wreak havoc on air conditioners, the lifeblood of every Florida household. One component that is severely affected is the heat exchanger. Every AC model contains at least two heat exchangers, commonly known as the condenser and the evaporator. The saltwater and air from heavy coastal rains cause corrosive damage, and the worst part is, these problems are not immediately apparent. By the time you notice the layer of rust accumulating on your system, the damage has already been done. You have no choice but to shell out a huge amount of cash for professional AC repairs. Protect your AC heat exchangers by adopting the following preventive measures:

  1. Stay Up-to-Date on AC Maintenance

When your cooling system is in good condition, it’s easier to keep it running efficiently for a long time and avoid rust damage. Schedule regular air filter replacement, and ask the technician to conduct AC inspection and tune-ups before the summer and winter seasons. The pre-winter inspection, in particular, verifies the condition of the heat exchanger, cleans all the drains and pans, and inspects the quality of airflow through the system.

  1. Rely on Industry Expertise

Make it a point always to hire certified, experienced professionals who know what to look for. An amateur AC serviceman might charge you less but also miss out on the initial signs of corrosion problems and fail to prevent the spread of damage. Qualified AC technicians, on the other hand, are familiar with the problem areas in your system and can nip the issue in the bud before it assumes a serious proportion.

Rust damage might seem like a mere cosmetic nuisance, but it severely affects the performance of your AC in the long run. You need to resolve the issue as quickly as possible by calling a local AC service company. Click here to get in touch with a fully qualified, certified technician.