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Top Five Reasons Why You Require Air Conditioning Repair


In 2016, 6.87 million air conditioners were shipped in the US . This isn’t surprising, considering the best way to cool down once the summer heat strikes is to turn on the AC. Air conditioners offer great performance with regular maintenance but sometimes the systems malfunction. At that point, it is better to take care of the problem before it gets worse or before the system stops working completely. Even though you’ll call an AC repair professional to handle the problem, you should still understand what you’re being charged for. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the five main reasons why your AC requires repairs.

Frozen AC Coils

Poor airflow is responsible for frozen AC coils. When this happens, the efficiency of the machine is drastically reduced. Your house may even sustain considerable water damage. Regular airflow is hampered due to clogged air registers, a dirty filter, damaged ducts, among other reasons. Regularly replacing the filter ensures your AC provides sufficient airflow.

Unclean Environment

Air conditioners draw warm air from the inside of your home for cooling. During this time, they also pull in lots of dust and dirt. Over time, this dirt and dust accumulate, putting both the outdoor and indoor components of the system at risk. Regular cleaning is important if you wish to prevent any dirt buildup from causing harm. Dirty air conditioning systems take longer to cool your home, and they are highly susceptible to electrical or technical failure. The overall longevity of your system also takes a hit, which means you might have to replace your system prematurely.

Low Levels of Refrigerant

An air conditioner cools the air using a special chemical. Decreased levels of this chemical, known as a refrigerant, suggest a problem or leak with the machine’s refrigerant technology. If a leak occurs, then your AC must be recharged with the refrigerant. The minute you detect a refrigerant leak, you should contact an air conditioning repair expert.

Sensor Troubles

Home air conditioners have a component – the thermostat sensor – behind the control panel for measuring the temperature of the air coming in from outside. The position of the sensor is critical. It should remain close to the coil but should not come in physical contact. If the sensor accidentally gets displaced, the AC performance is affected. The position can be readjusted, however, by cautiously bending the wire.


An AC comprises various electrical components, all of which should work in sync for the device to work properly. The components most commonly affected are blowers and compressors, which cause a serious drop in an AC’s cooling capacity. When these parts get overheated, they produce an unpleasant burning odor. You should call the air conditioning repair service immediately to determine if your wires need replacing.

Best practices indicate that a homeowner should request regular maintenance to prevent common AC problems. Faulty sensors, airflow problems, and low refrigerant can easily be uncovered during a routine tune-up. To schedule a professional checkup for your air conditioner, contact us here.