BlogNovember 5, 2018Want To Improve Indoor Comfort? Address These Duct Issues First

In warm, humid regions like Florida, central air conditioning systems are more popular than window ACs due to their capacity to cool down the entire house. The mechanism of this equipment is quite fascinating – they utilize ductwork to disperse cooled air throughout the whole building. Thus, the temperature in all the rooms in your home are lowered simultaneously, and you do not have to endure the hassle of installing separate systems. However, this comes with its own set of problems. If any issues crop up with the ductwork, the airflow gets hampered, and the performance of the AC is minimized across the whole floor. That’s why you must resolve AC duct problems at the earliest.

Resolve the Problem of Leaky Ducts

Do some parts of your house feel hotter or colder than the rest? Or, do you receive exorbitantly high electricity bills every month? If yes, it might be time to schedule a consultation. More often than not, these situations occur due to the energy wasted from AC duct leaks. Leaky ducts are extremely problematic and are caused by multiple reasons, ranging from pest interference to construction, corrosion or extended usage. The result, however, is the same – they provide an access point for pollutants and hot air into the cooling system. Your comfort levels are affected as a result. Duct sealing is a temporary fix for this problem, but in the long run, you might have to seek professional help and replace the AC unit.

AC air ducts are mostly hidden from view. So, homeowners fail to realize the problem before it’s too late. The key to preserving the condition of your ductwork and enjoying uninterrupted airflow lies in noticing the warning signs. The moment you think something’s wrong, schedule an appointment with the AC technician and get your cooling system inspected thoroughly. However, if you find that the ducts are in a state of disrepair and cost too much to fix, it’s better to replace the entire AC system altogether. Getting a newer, advanced model will reduce the possibility of duct problems. To contact a good AC service company for the best cooling systems available in the market, click here.

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