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What is a ductless mini split system?

Indoor Air Quality

Do you have an older home built before air conditioners were invented, hence no AC ducts in “this old house?” Or maybe you want to have heat and air conditioning in a garage or attic or sunroom that previously was not conditioned? Or perhaps you only want to condition a particular room only when you are using it?

One option for each of these scenarios is the old fashioned window unit, but these can be clunky and require a large opening in a wall.

Another option is the ductless mini split system, built to condition the air in just one room in a much more energy efficient, attractive and quiet way.

Ductless mini split system:

An interior air handler fits in a slender box on the interior wall. The flap opens up to circulate the air when the unit is on. You can control all the settings from a handheld remote control. The inside unit is so quiet you may not even notice it is running.

The compressor resides outside:

The two components are connected via a refrigerant line which requires a small hole (usually 3 inches) in the interior/exterior wall.

How the ductless air conditioner works:

The interior component has a small evaporator coil. As hot room air passes over the evaporator coil, it is cooled by the refrigerant. The fan within the unit circulates the cool air throughout the room. The refrigerant absorbs the heat and passes it to the outside component. It works just the opposite to heat the air on a cold day.

More information:

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