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What is a Variable Speed Furnace or Air Handler?

Variable Speed HVAC Motor

An older HVAC system likely has a single speed fan blower that is either off or on at 100%. Think of it as a car that only has the choice of being stopped or racing at full throttle.

Unlike a standard single-speed blower motor, a variable speed blower system can run at different speeds to precisely control the distribution of heated or cooled air throughout your home. More precise airflow control means a better balance of temperature and humidity. It can deliver just the right amount of air for the right level of heating and cooling comfort.

A variable speed system constantly monitors heating and cooling data and automatically makes adjustments necessary to meet your comfort needs. The system can vary the volume of circulated air, compensating for factors like dirty filters or blocked vents by increasing the fan speed.

A variable speed motor will gradually ramp up to full speed, eliminating the sudden, noisy blast of air associated with standard blower motors.

Precisely controls airflow to provide better temperature control, humidity control and air distribution. A higher degree of precision means a higher level of comfort.

Compared to a single-speed blower, a variable speed unit performs better and uses less electricity. This can lead to real annual savings on your energy bills.

Your HVAC system filter needs air circulating to do its job. When a standard one-speed blower is off, airborne particulates are not filtered. Continuous slow circulation provided by a variable-speed air handler keeps the air moving through the filter to maintain healthy room air quality.

Continuous air circulation also eliminates that stagnant air feel that can happen while a single-speed unit is not running between heating or cooling cycles.

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