BlogJune 18, 2019What is an air handler?

Your air handler assists in regulating the circulation of indoor air and the temperature of the air in your home based on your thermostat setting. Your air handler consists of an evaporator coil, blower motor, air filter and the electrical and electronic components required to deliver enhanced levels of indoor comfort.

Coil: The indoor coil or evaporator coil is a crucial component of the refrigeration cycle.

  • When your home requires cool indoor air, the coil is chilled and removes humidity as the indoor air passes over it. This makes the conditioned air feel cooler throughout your home.
  • When your home requires heating, the coil is warmed and transfers heat to the air that passes over it. This makes the conditioned air feel warmer throughout your home.

Blower Motor: The blower moves the air to the connected ductwork and circulates it through your home. The blower motor may be a single speed, multi-speed or variable speed model.

  • Single-speed: Operates at one fixed speed. These motors are cycled on and off, as controlled by the thermostat or control system.
  • Multi-speed: The blower has the ability to operate at multiple speeds, depending on the demand. The multi-speed blower motor may operate at 100% to meet a high-demand need. A lower demand will reduce the speed of the blower motor. This multi-speed capability provides sustained comfort and is more energy-efficient than a single-speed system.
  • Variable-speed: Varies the fan speeds to precisely control the flow of heated or cooled air throughout your home based on your indoor comfort requirements. A variable speed motor can help control indoor humidity levels and achieve a consistent temperature in your home.

Air Supply and Return Plenum Connections: Your home’s duct work is connected to your air handler by a plenum to:

  • Deliver the conditioned heated or cooled air to your interior spaces
  • Return the air to the air handler that needs to be heated or cooled

Before the air conditioned or heated air enters your ductwork, it passes through an air filter. The filter minimizes the amount of particulates circulated through your home and prevents accumulation in the ductwork and air handler components. Changing the filter at recommended intervals helps to maintain good indoor air quality.

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