BlogDecember 6, 2018What to do if you suspect the outside unit of your air conditioner isn’t working

Getting overheated?

Is your AC system on but not keeping you cool?

If you notice the fan on the outside unit is not spinning but you can hear a loud humming from the unit – your system may be experiencing a failure requiring professional service. Never try to fix possible fan issues – this is NOT a DIY task.

Fan issues can be caused by internal components, such as bearing, motor, or capacitor failures. External debris entering through the safety screen can also prevent proper operation.

If you hear the outside unit humming with no fan action, turn off the system immediately! That humming is the system trying but failing to start up normally. Call an HVAC professional to inspect the system and make any needed repairs.

The team at Millian-Aire is available to assist you with 24-Hour emergency service for fan or other HVAC system issues. We also offer preventive maintenance services through our Millian-Aire Club.

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