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When Should You Consider Getting A New AC Thermostat?

AC Thermostat

According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), 60 percent of households with central cooling equipment use thermostats to control the indoor temperature. These components fulfill the energy demands as the weather changes. Programmable models help houses dial back the temperature while the residents are away or during the night when everybody’s asleep. Sure, we can always complete these tasks ourselves without relying on any devices, but the truth is, a programmable thermostat does much more than save energy with the right setting. So, if the heating and cooling in your home are still controlled by an outdated thermostat, now might be a good time to consider a replacement and experience the following benefits:

1. More Convenience

The quality of the thermostat influences the comfort and efficiency levels of your home. While older variants are capable of only adjusting the room temperature, newer thermostats boast of more features for conserving energy and simplifying thermal management.

Also, manual thermostats require you to walk up the device and change the settings by hand. This means there’s nobody to adjust the temperature when the home is empty, or you’re asleep.  Modern thermostats provide a solution as they enable you to program the desired temperature settings and automatically develop a cooling schedule as per your specifications. So, energy is conserved without additional effort. Some of the latest thermostats even come with network connectivity so that you can adjust the temperature via your smartphone or tablet.

2. Electricity Regulation

If you’re on a flexible work schedule, use digital models that can regulate the temperature multiple times  a day. A few thermostat models do not allow overrides during the time of the day when the electricity rates are the highest. Thus, you’re spared the trouble of worrying about your kids turning the system all the way down to almost the freezing point, and racking up the monthly electricity bills.

3. Get All the Necessary Information

While past models only display the room temperature, the latest thermostats offer lots of useful details, such as low battery alerts, AC filter change notifications, and system malfunction alerts. All these information show up on the LED touchscreen panel.

Just because your decades-old thermostat is still functioning properly, doesn’t mean an upgrade isn’t worth it. Also, since replacing this device doesn’t involve any other adjustments, the process can be completed quickly and easily. If you want professional guidance in selecting and installing a new thermostat in your home, contact us here.