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Why AC Sizing Matters

AC Sizing

For many homeowners, pricing is the main criteria when buying an air conditioner. But the first thing you should consider is size. After all, there’s a reason why different sized cooling systems are manufactured  –  they are meant to cater to varying home sizes. Buying a unit that is either too small or too big for your residence not only increases your electricity bills but affects comfort and efficiency level as well. Check out some of the main reasons why you should pick the right-sized AC for your home.

Are Small ACs a Bad Investment?

An AC that is smaller than the requirements of the space to be cooled will result in uneven cooling. Also, to balance the temperature difference, the system might run longer and harder. This causes your unit to age rapidly and wear out before its time, even leading to breakdowns in some cases. Apart from that, the possibility of high electricity bills is increased because of prolonged usage and energy spikes. Even though smaller sizes are priced less, the greater long-term expenses make it necessary to buy the correct- sized unit.

Avoid Larger ACs

You might’ve heard the phrase “the bigger, the better.” But that doesn’t apply in the case of air conditioners. A bigger AC will surely cool down your home quickly, but at the same time,  it would increase the moisture level because your AC will not have the time to dehumidify the air inside the room. And as a result,  the cooling process will be affected.  Also, if the AC is too big for the room, it will short cycle quite frequently, and as a result,  AC performance would take a dip.

Figure Out What You Need

First off you need to figure out the level of cooling your property may require.  Assess your requirement on the basis of factors like number of occupants, floor plan, number of stories, window types, insulation level of your building, number of bedrooms, square footage, and property orientation. You might also need to consider other factors based on the overall load of cooling. We would recommend you to consult a pro for the proper assessment of your AC size.

The right-sized air conditioner can work wonders for your electricity bills, and make your home feel more comfortable. Plus, it lasts longer and conserves more energy. If you want expert help for determining the ideal AC size for your room, contact an AC expert here.