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Why Should You Worry About Different HVAC Noises?

Worry About Different HVAC Noises

The air conditioners are central to the comfort and health in the Florida homes. During the summer months, you need to be more careful about the air conditioners since they are put to rigorous use for a long stretch of time. The added strain placed on the AC unit can not only give rise to new problems but may also trigger the existing ones that would otherwise have remained hidden. The only way air conditioners notify issues in them is through incoherent noises as they run all day long. Some noises clearly indicate that your unit is in dire need of repairs. You must act immediately the moment you hear any odd sound coming from your AC. Following are a few HVAC noises that prove to be problem signs:

  • The Squeals and Squeaks – When you run the unit after a long gap, or when the AC unit runs for an extended period, you may notice that some squealing and squeaking noise are coming from the place near the indoor air handler. The bearing in the fan blower motor dries up due to an excessive operation which increases the friction between ball bearings resulting in these annoying sounds.
  • The Hissing Noise – Whenever you get to hear a hissing noise coming from your air conditioner, it is a clear sign of air bubble accumulation in the refrigerant line. This happens due to refrigerant leak, and also your AC would require more refrigerant than necessary which is the scenario only during a leak. If the refrigerant level drops due to the leakage, its cooling efficiency decreases, too.
  • Muffling Noise at the Vents – Since the ductworks are made up of metal sheets, they keep expanding and contracting, depending on the temperature change. When the AC cycles off, the temperature change leading to expansion and contraction causes certain internal sounds which are not something to worry about, and an experienced HVAC technician can solve the problem, easily.
  • Short Cycling – If you notice that your AC is turningon and off frequently blame it on the incomplete cooling cycle, which is also referred to as short cycling. Often,  internal issues with your electrical connection result in short cycling. Not only the cooling gets compromised, but also the wear and tear increases as your AC keeps switching on and off recurrently. The short cycling noise should not be ignored as it shortens the lifespan of the AC.  Therefore, you must call for immediate repairs.

Each of these noises carries different meanings. Unusual and unexplained noises are clear signs of danger – hence, if you cannot identify the cause, give us a call. Our service technicians will help you figure out the problem areas and provide remedies.