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Why you shouldn’t shop the classified ads for a used AC unit

Used AC Unit

The Deal

You got a great deal on a sofa and bedroom set on that classifieds site, so why not also buy an air conditioner to replace the one that just died on you? It is right there in the seller’s back yard, ready for you to pick up and have it installed. The seller says it was running good when he had it hooked up. In the picture it looks brand new. And it is half the price of a brand new one.

Are you feeling lucky?

Unlike furniture, where you can visually inspect it or sit in it, or a lawn mower, where you can start it up and take it for a test drive, you really won’t know if the used air compressor or air handler is in good shape until you pay to have it installed by a licensed technician. Once the technician hooks everything up and installs the Freon, you could have a bargain, or not. If the latter, you may not have any warranty recourse to recoup the installation costs or to obtain parts to fix the unit. If the unit is older, the parts may no longer be available.

No Regrets

Avoid the stress of not knowing whether you made a good purchase or not. Contact Millian-Aire today for a good price on a brand new air conditioner with a long warranty and years of trouble-free hot and cold air. Contact Us or call 888-628-0691.