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Why Your HVAC Heat Pump Is Not Operating Or Turning Off?

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When the air is cold outside, you need your HVAC heat pump to work to its full potential. A damaged or malfunctioning home heating appliance only means that you have to wrap yourself in a winter jacket or just bear with the discomfort when it is malfunctioning. But how do you know that all is not well with your AC? Does it fail to operate or refuse to turn off abruptly, for no apparent reasons? Consider them as warning signs. We at Millian-Aire receive many ‘not operating or no heat’ calls during the winter months. While there may be numerous reasons why your HVAC heat is not working, here are the most common ones:

Circuit Breakers May Have Tripped

If your heat pump does not operate, the circuit breakers protecting the electrical components may have blown or tripped. You will usually find the fuses near the air handler cabinet. We do not recommend that you open the cabinet yourself because meddling with electrical parts may prove hazardous. If you do not have the knowledge to deal with these issues, get in touch with our heat pump expert.

Wrong Thermostat Settings

If the thermostat has the wrong settings, your heat pump will not work the way it should. If you have replaced the thermostat of late, ensure that you have installed the right one. Make sure that you have a specific heat pump device. Even improper wiring may damage the electronic parts, thus affecting equipment efficiency.

Faulty Contactor

A defective contactor may make your heat pump operate incessantly. In fact, it is that component determining how much electrical power should get to the heat pump. Poor maintenance and general wear are some of the reasons why it is not turning off. Call our experts to address any compressor contactor issues.

If you are from Florida, maintaining your heating equipment may not be one of your topmost priorities. However, before neglecting this aspect, think of those cold snaps that you experience every year. Without your heating system working efficiently, you may even fall ill during these cold spells. If despite routine servicing, your HVAC refuses to start or stop as expected, Millian-Aire’s HVAC professionals will be happy to come to your assistance and inspect the problem. Contact us today.