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Will the R-22 “Freon” refrigerant phase-out affect you?


What is R-22?
Freon is a common name for R-22 – the most popular refrigerant that has been used in AC units over the years.

What is the R-22 phase out?
In 2010, the EPA banned the production of any new air conditioners that use R-22 because of its harmful effects on the ozone layer. The EPA also mandated a complete ban on manufacturing or importing R-22 beginning January 1, 2020.

What refrigerant is legal?
The EPA has approved multiple products; the most commonly used since 2010 is R-410A.

What does the R-22 phase out mean for me?
First thing you need to know is whether your current system uses R-22 or not. Check the manufacturer product ID tag on the outside unit. The tag should specify the refrigerant type used. If yours specifies “HCFC-22” or “R-22”, you can continue to service your system but at some point in the future, any replacement Freon will be increasingly hard to get and more expensive – so an upgrade to a newer model may make more sense rather than costly repairs.

I have an older air conditioner that uses R-22. Do I need to replace it?
No. If your system is running smoothly, you don’t need to change a thing. Your Freon levels should not change in a properly running system. However, if you have a leak or other issue, replacement R-22 will be hard to find and expensive. You may find that a newer air conditioner makes more sense now and over time.

Can I swap out R-22 for an approved coolant in my unit?
For some systems, it’s possible to retrofit your current unit to operate with one of the approved coolants. However, depending on your unit and the type of coolant it uses, this process can either be very simple or incredibly difficult and expensive. Call us to see to see what’s possible for your system.

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