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Your HVAC Furnace Overheating? Three Telltale Signs


You have installed an HVAC furnace to survive that cold snap that Florida experiences once a year. All you wanted was a respite from bone-chilling cold as being a Southerner, you are not too appreciative of this particular seasonal turn.  Little did you imagine at the time of the installation that someday, your HVAC furnace might scorch you down. And with the unit now turning your home into an over-sized sauna room, you know the predicaments of enduring an HVAC unit that tends to get overheated too quickly. Discomfort is, however, not the only disadvantage of using an overheated furnace; it can break down suddenly and may even lead to potentially dangerous consequences unless  you fix the issue. Take action as soon as you notice any of the following three signs:

1. Unusual Noises

Do you hear strange noises or a continuous loud humming sound from your HVAC furnace?  Homeowners calling our experts often report these symptoms. So if you are experiencing similar problems, blame it on the unit’s overheated blower motor. It may overheat with the power on, but some other glitches may prevent it from functioning properly. Consequently, loud noise and excessive heating may stop your HVAC furnace from operating to its maximum capacity.

2. Burning Odor

Burning odor is a surefire sign of overheating. In most of the cases, the smell is followed by the shutdown of the entire system. If you find the odor is too strong as you get close to the furnace, turn it off right away and call an HVAC professional without delay.

3. Cycling off

Is your heating unit cycling off and never starts? If yes, the furnace may shut down automatically if it is overheated. If it resets before starting each time, it is a faulty motor that is to be held responsible.

There are many reasons why your HVAC unit is overheating. A furnace is a complicated appliance and can’t be repaired by you. So if you do not want to stress yourself over an overheated unit, call our HVAC experts today. We will send trained technicians right away.